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images (4)There are so many ways of getting rid of excess fat in the body. While some methods are approved for effectiveness, others are just sham. The latter are often very highly advertised to attract the attention of the public convincing them that a miracle will happen if you take some pills or what else they tell you will work. Of all the methods, liposuction seems to be the most practical. The fat is below the skin, that’s not far to reach. A surgeon will apply special tactics to reach out to the fat and drain it away. There is nothing to worry about when undertaking the surgery. Every surgery has its percentage of risk. After reading this article, you will understand the safety level.

Use of aesthesia

This comes first with many surgeries where incisions have to be done. It’s a precaution to keep the patient relaxed and free of pain. Some may make you sleepy while others will just feel normal just free of pain. The surgeon will discuss this issue with you to make sure that you are compatible and most importantly, you like it. Epidural anesthesia is applicable for the abdomen and lower body parts. You will have to select the best product with the surgeon to be on the safe side. Other medication may also be injected on targeted areas to prevent swelling and excessive blood loss.

Fat breaking stage

We are talking about fat, not oil. That means it’s probably solid. Sucking the sold fat will be a heck of a job for anyone. Best surgeons will use different tactics to break the fat cells. High frequency type of vibrations is commonly used in the process. Alternatively, some surgeons use laser pulses while others use water jets. All these do work. There is one that you like and feel safe with. Go for that one.

Incisions and fat suction

After the preparatory stage, the real deal is here now. The surgeon will make incisions and suction tubes inserted. These will drain off any fluid including the ‘melted fat.’ A vacuum machine will be used for this purpose. Where the target region is large, the surgeon will be necessitated to make several cuts.


You have cuts on you that need to be stitched and dressed with a bandage to prevent swelling and facilitate quick healing. Within only three hours, the operation will be over. Expect to be at the hospital for the entire evening.